All About Them Sox

It is crunch time for our beloved Boston Red Sox. We are over 50 games into the season, and out of all the teams trailing first place in the entire American League, we have the best record at 31-25 (.554 PCT).  We have won 6 out of our last 10 games and continue to improve upon our rough opening start by honing on our hitting, pitching, and fielding.

The Red Sox are currently trailing by roughly two games thanks to our most recent win against the Orioles. We must continue do everything in our power to close the gap, get wins when we can, and hope for the Yankees to hit a mid-season slump. Despite being shorthanded and defensively out of whack due to injuries, we have managed to put together a winning season, and are currently breathing down our rivals’ neck.

Even though the Red Sox just got back Pablo Sandoval, from injury, there are still feelings of uneasiness, and even trade rumors regarding a long term solution at the third base position.  White Sox third baseman Todd Frazier is rumored to be in the running for a spot on the Red Sox within the next couple of months and can hopefully be the answer to our third baseman conundrum.  Speaking of injuries, Dustin Pedroia unfortunately twisted his wrist in a recent game and was placed on the DL (Disabled List).  John Farrell, the Red Sox manager stated, “That’s a Sprain. He did go back to Boston last night.  He’s already been examined there with an additional MRI this morning.  There’s no fractures, no structural damage, ligament or otherwise.” He’s not in a position where the Sox feel comfortable enough to take him off of the DL, but still a good sign for our second baseman.

In terms of pitching, Drew Pomeranz’ performance against the White Sox last week was exactly what we needed to start seeing from the potential All-Star pitcher.  Looks like Farrell has been spending some time with Drew in the bull pen because he’s added another pitch to his arsenal.  The new cut fastball held the White Sox to a single run, only seven hits and eight strikeouts in seven innings.  In his last two performances, he pitched for 13 innings and only allowed three runs with a total of 19 strike outs; that’s a huge improvement from his average of five innings pitched at the beginning.  Having starting pitchers that can stretch their performance to six innings plus allows regularity for the rest of the bull pen rotation.

Although we are so close behind first and the Orioles have been on a major losing streak, we cannot begin to feel comfortable just yet.  Everyone knows that just as soon as you can start a hot streak, you can just as easily hit a slump, and no one should be counting their chickens just yet.